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Founded in 2007, DES is a one-stop shop to all furnishing callings. We aim to provide our customers one solution to all- DES Design. We live by the belief in the art of creation and imagination. Like Yin and Yang, Creation and Imagination are inseparable. We have one objective- to be the answer to individual’s imaginations by bringing to life. At DES, we also aim to give our users the most value-efficient products- competitive pricing, highest quality and a hint of our value-added customer service.

In 2008, we introduced our first series, the TechniStone.


TechniStone is the product of a combination of top grade natural raw materials, together with our highly advanced mixing-molding technology; giving you the finest stone for creations in your own space. Countertops, Tabletops, Vanitytops, we got them covered. What about the bathroom? Don’t worry, we got your back too. TechniStone serves as the anchor to all creations within and beyond your imagination. All it takes is your creative space and TechniStone will do the job.

In 2011, we are certified the Green Label by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC). This is a step for us to create products that are not only of high satisfactory level for our users but also environmental-friendly products. We believe that as a community, it is also important for us as businesses to endorse environmentally-friendly claims to prevent the abuse of green-washing.

A decade later, in 2017, we introduced our second series, the TechnoSurface. This series drives on the edge of bringing our customers their dream designs yet not compromising on their needs and budget.



TechnoSurface is the craft of solid polystyrene. Through the advance technology, TechnoSurface is made the material of durability and flexibility making it the ideal surfacing material for people that seek both practicality and aesthetics. It is for the creation of endless furnishong possibilities, bringing you the idea of having limitless choices in designs or settings because it can.


Shortly after, in 2018, we introduced our TechnoAlu and TechnoFurnishing Series. The series that integrates creativity with efficiency, helping customers make the best out of your space.


TechnoAlu lies the art of creating structures through the use of imagination and anodized aluminium. In residential spaces, TechnoAlu can be used to create shelves and wardrobe. Walk-in Wardrobe, sounds familiar? Yes, that is exactly what we meant. On the other hand, in commercial spaces, TechnoAlu can be used to create workstations, work shelves and what your imaginations brings.


TechnoFurnishing is a super-mart of all curtains and blinds that offers a spectrum of material and styles with extended functional value to aesthetics and complement in any interior design.






At DES, we strive to continuously formulate and be the top all-inclusive one-stop solution to your furnishing calls.

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