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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



FAQ TechniStone

What is it TechniStone® ?

TechniStone®  is a compact, hard, imporous, composite product supplied in the form of slabs, tiles, or special formats with a wide range of applications in private, public and industrial sector as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity units, tables, window-sills, floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaics, etc.. Taking into account the used raw materials and production technology, TechniStone®  achieves excellent properties due to its strength and compactibility. The wide range of color shades, surface finishes, thicknesses and sizes enables always to choose a suitable combination conforming to both esthetical and qualitative requirements.

What is TechniStone® made from?

TechniStone®  is produced from high-quality natural raw materials (quartzes, granites), mirror and glass granulates, from a small amount of color pigments and quality polyester resin. More than 90% of the product mass is formed by natural components; therefore the content of the polyester resin is less than 10%.

Is TechniStone® the same throughout its volume or is its color and structure built only on the surface?

TechniStone®  has homogeneous structure and color throughout its volume, the front and back faces of the product can be machined and polished, any holes and grooves can be milled, edges can be treated. The shade and the structure will be identical.


What is the comparison of TechniStone® (used e.g. on a kitchen countertop) to natural granite, marble, Solid surface or postforming?

TechniStone®  has in comparison to natural granites higher flexural strength, at the same thickness is more resistant against e.g. impact and load. With the TechniStone®  products (especially of the Granite range) you will get the feeling of  granite, but with multiple times lower absorbability of the surface, which does not absorb food and drinks. TechniStone®  is harder and more resistant than natural marble. Moreover, it is composed mainly of silicates, which are acidproof as opposed to marble.

TechniStone® , as opposed to the Solid surface or postforming products contains more than 90 % of anorganic materials. The TechniStone®  surface is therefore far harder, more resistant and durable.


How can the individual types of TechniStone® be characterized?

TechniStone®  is offered in four lines of products (production groups), which differ from each other by the used raw materials and consequently also by their appearance and some properties. Brief characteristics of individual lines follow.

  • SAND (commercial name Gobi)

    • These products are made from sorted siliceous sands. The most significant characteristic is the fine texture of the surface.

    • Advantage: The highest reached strength, high resistance of the surface and uniform appearance.

  • GRANITE (commercial names Taurus, Karpat, Sonora)

    • Through the combination of attractive natural granites and siliceous sands a characteristic „granite“ texture of the surface is created, which is tuned with the overall color shades of the products.

    • Advantage: Natural appearance combined with strength and practical non-absorbability of the surface, which is not found at natural granites.

  • MIRRORS (commercial name Starlight and Brilliant)

    • High-gloss surface of the product with luminous mirror effects built from compact mirror granulates or colored glass.

    • Advantage: Completely untraditional appearance makes it possible to combine the high-tech image product with classical materials.

  • CRYSTAL (commercial name Crystal, Harmonia)

    • The product is made from one of the hardest minerals – the translucent or milky natural, sorted quartz imported from the top-quality world quarrying localities.

    • Advantage: Combination of strength, beauty and purity.

  • MARBLE (commercial name Atlas)

    • Unique products created by combination of our technology and beauty of natural marble in all its forms.

    • Advantage: Unique look and advantages far beyond natural marble.


Does the TechniStone® surface used on the kitchen countertop resist mechanical damage?

The TechniStone® product is manufactured from hard minerals and achieves high strength, which predetermines it to a very successful application as kitchen countertops. Usual cutting or beating of meat with a wooden meat beater directly on its surface causes no problems to the product.

Each composite product, no matter how resistant, can of course be damaged by strong, concentrated pressure or by heavy impact, e.g. by strong pressure on the tip of a knife or by a strong hit of a metal mallet. TechniStone®  belongs to the most resistant products used for kitchen countertops; nevertheless, it is not completely undamagable.


Does the surface of the TechniStone® product used on the kitchen countertop resist thermal load?

Thanks to the used raw materials  TechniStone®  is highly resistant to thermal loads occurring in kitchens.

The heat-shock resistance is increased with the increase of the used thickness of TechniStone® ; a slab with the thickness of 30 mm is far more resistant than a 10 mm slab. In spite of this resistance, the TechniStone®  surface, like any other composite material, may be damaged by a sudden or lasting exposition to high temperatures (over 120 °C), mainly at the edges and cut-outs of the product, where a crack may appear. Therefore, it is necessary to use insulating pads for putting hot objects aside. These pads must also be placed below every electrical cooking and baking appliances located on the kitchen countertop.


Is the TechniStone® product harmless to health?

The product is certified by the National health institute for health harmlessness, the certificate declares the suitability of using TechniStone®  for the production of kitchen countertops.

The product is certified by the NSF International organization with this outcome: the product complies with the Standard 51 NSF/ANSI – Food equipment materials, Solid surfaces for Splash zone.


Are the chromatic and structural particles taking their part at the appearance of the TechniStone® surface intentional?

TechniStone®  is mainly built from several chromatic components and granulates of different sizes, which determine its characteristic color structure.

The slight color shade, structure and design deviations due to the fact that the engineered stone TechniStone® is created by more than 90% from natural raw materials where the small color difference is natural characteristic.


Is it necessary to take into account the thermal expansion when using the TechniStone® product as floor and wall tiles?

The polyester resin used as a binder causes not only the increase in the strength characteristics, but also in the thermal expansion of the product, which is higher than the thermal expansion of natural stone or ceramics. Therefore, it is necessary to take this fact into consideration during designing the floors and wall claddings from TechniStone®.

Will the color of the stone be different in real life?

TechniStone is made from natural quartz and as such some variation in color and aggregate may occur. 


FAQ TechnoSurface

What is it TechnoSurface® ?

TechnoSurface® is a non-porous low-maintenance material- solid surface which can be used to mimic the appearance of granitemarblestone, and other naturally occurring materials. It is also a material that can be bend, shape and play with to achieve desired shapes. Acheiving of nearly invisible lines can also be achieved by a trained craftman, making it a efficient material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and shower and tub ledges in residential settings.

What is TechnoSurface® made from?

TechnoSurface®  is made from polyester resin with powdered bauxite filler and pigments. It is a man-made material, in comparision to TechiStone which the core ingredients are from natural stones. 


What if my TechnoSurface® becomes scratched or broken? 

First, keep calm. In most cases, a scratched or broken TechnoSurface® can be repaired quickly by a certified solid surface repair company or trained fabricator. Alternative, you can drop us a call and we can reccommend you one. 

Does TechnoSurface® has the same finishes as Technistone®?

TechniStone® has a total of 6 surface finishes. 



FAQ TechnoAlu

What is  TechnoAlu®?

TechnoAlu® is our series of customizable pole system structures, more specifically towards wardrobes and shelvings. The structures are made up of ionized aluminium for its frame and high quality wood for its interior, giving it the trendy minimalistic look . Being highly customizable, it also comes with many unique features such as the choice of door and material-made, the wide range of colours and the add-on accessories to dress up the structures. It's limitless possibilities makes it a product for anyone, everyone. 


What if my TechnoAlu® interior gets dirty or wears out?

As all products of TechnoAlu® is built up from scratch to suit individual's needs, every part of the structure can be replaced. Interior of wardrobes and shelvings are one of the aspect that is most prone to damage. Thus when they wears out, you can simply drop us a call or email and get them replaced! But, what of they get dirty??? You can refer to our Maintainance and Care Section, where we guide you on how you can clean your TechnoAlu®  for maximum longevity.

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