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About TechniStone

TechniStone is our series of quartz stone - a creation made from top grade natural raw materials, together with our highly advanced mixing-molding technology. It is a product that entails the fruits of mother nature and the durability of modern materials. Our TechniStones are made up of 93% Quartz, one of the highest proportion you can find in the market.


Our engineered stone consists of primarily 4 raw materials- Resin, Filler, Grits and Pigments. This high quality, non-porous material is created by compact bounding of hard, inorganic, polishable granulates together with a binder and filler followed with an end-touch of various pigments to gives it the desired color and design. I mean, just take a look at our current thoughtfully hand-picked collections!

TechniStone is created with our users in mind; possessing features that are highly appreciated by our customers:

  • Non-absorption and porosity

  • High Resistance to Scratches and Chemicals

  • Extensive Color and Design Range

  • 6 Different Finishes Choice

  • Variety in Thickness and Sizing

Stone Origin: Czech Republic (Cz

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