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About TechnoSurface

TechnoSurface is the craft of solid polyster through the use of advanced technology, also known as "synthetic stone" to many. They are made of acrylic, marble dust, bauxite, epoxy or polyester resins, and pigment. But, dont be fool by the name. TechnoSurface is still the popular choices for home refurbishments- being the balanced option between "durability and flexibility" and "practicality and aesthetics". They are great materials for those with an eye for asthetics, giving them the endless possibilities in creations and designs in any settings- because it can. 

Color Collections

Our TechnoSurface's Color Collection consists of 3 color range- Standard Range, Standard-Premium Range and Premium Range. These selections of colors are delicately chosen by our creative team to suit the unique taste of each and everyone. We have a total of 20 colors available and your eyes will meet with the one. Start scrolling away.


Standard Range

Crystal White

Dark Pebbles.JPG

DARk pebble

Crystal black

Light Pebbles.JPG
Crystal Ivory.JPG

Crystal ivory


Light sand

Light pebble

beige nougat


Stone White.JPG
Black Twinkles.JPG

Stone white

Stone grey

Black twinkle

white twinkle

pure white

Standard-Premium Range


black starlite


white starlite

Premium Range


Dark cloud

white cloud


glitter grey