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TechnoAlu lies the art of creating structures through the blend of human imaginations with ionized aluminum. It is a series that embraces the intergration of creativity and efficiency, providing users the opportunity to make the best out of any space in any setting. 

The most popular usage of our TechnoAlu Series is the Walk-In Wardrobes. Sounds Familiar? Yes, that's right. The sole reason why our TechnoAlu is so popular for it lies behind the fact that it does not only allows users to build your own Walk-In Wardrobe, it also provides the users the freedom to change it up as and when they like. It is a system that aims at providing users flexibility to make the best out of their space at any point of time yet hassle-free. Beyong homes, TechnoAlu can also be used to build work stations, shelvings or any structures in a office setting. 

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TechnoAlu Standard
(Aluminium in sliver anodized finish)
TechnoAlu Standard
TechnoAlu Premium
(Aluminium in black powder coated finish)
TechnoAlu Premium Edge
(Aluminium in black powder coated finish
shelf edged with  aluminium trimming
at 3 sides)
TechnoAlu Excellent
(Aluminium in black powder coated finish;
 shelf edged with aluminium trimming
at 4 sides)

Step 1. Modular Designs

Wardrobe Sizes

We have designed a total of 6 modular designs for you to mix and match up to your perfection! 

Width                       Design Applicable

          500mm                                Design D, E, F

          600mm                                All Designs

          700mm                                Design D, E, F

          800mm                                Design B, D, E, F

          900mm                                Design D, E, F

         1000mm                              Design D, E, F


Step 2: Frame/ Structure Colours & Door Material

Ionized Aluminium
Powder-coated white
Powder-coated Black
Laminated film
  • White
  • Silver
  • Frosted White (216
  • Frosted Green (217) 
  • Frosted Brown (219)
Tinted glass
  • Tea Tinted Glass
  • Grey Tinted Glass
  • Clear Mirror
  • Grey Mirror
  • Tea Mirror
**For projects that has no door, please indicate/ drop us a note on it**

**Powder-Coated Black Poles are premium poles, prices are higher than Aluminium and White Poles**


Step3: Interior Shelving Finishing Colour

Walnut EF58
Light Oak EF 56
Oak EF 402
Oak EF 55

** Plywood Range is our premium wood range, prices are higher for this catergory  (only applicable to TechnoAlu Premium series)**

Note: For Customers that wants to build from scratch (fully customized), only plywood range is applicable for their interior shelving and drawer colors

Wenge EF 70

Step 4: Accessories

Trouser Rack
LED LIghts
Organizer 1
Organizer 2
Organizer 3
Organizer 4
Clothes Rack
Organizer 5

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