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Creations using TechniStone

At DES, the extensive benefits of our TechniStone Series has allowed for the material to be used for creations all around your home- be it interior or exterior.

Being highly resistant to scratches, bacteria and stains, it is the perfect material for your work top and vanity top. Think of being able to knead your dough directly on your kitchen top in a peace of mind or having to spill cosmetic and not having to panic a single bit about staining. That is how perfectly-made this material is for you and your family


Did I mention this is not the end to the list, the extensive uses of TechniStone also includes:

  • Stairs Treads and Risers

  • Tiles

  • Wall Decorations

  • Furniture Tops

  • Bathtub and Ledges

But First, Design Your Own Interier Here

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